Community speedwatch - volunteers needed

Community Speedwatch (CSW) is a national initiative where active members of local communities join with the support of the police to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection devices. 

A small group of interested individuals have approached the police with a view to undertaking speedwatches in the village, particularly starting at the top end of the village near Elvington Park, but with a view to undertake checks throughout the village.

Vehicles exceeding the speed limit are referred to the police with the aim of educating drivers to reduce their speeds. In cases where education is blatantly ignored and evidence of repeat or excessive offences is collated (even across county borders), enforcement and prosecution follow.

Volunteers are needed, and there need to be three people in each check to record registration details and to use the speed gun.

Full training is given to volunteers, as well ashigh vis jackets and all equipment and signage required. There needs to be a minimum of six volunteers.

To find out more about the initiative, contact Les Coverdale on 01904 608057 or

You can find out more about community speedwatch here.