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Archbishop Sentamu’s Pilgrimage of Prayer, Witness and Blessing

All are welcome to join the Archbishop as he walks from Sutton Village Hall to Elvington School, via the riverbank footpath from the bridge to the Church.

Why meet him at the bridge, at the Church, at the shop, or at your own front door!

He is due to leave Sutton Village Hall at 11.10am.

Full timetable for the day:

9.00 - Pilgrimage Prayers at St Mary’s, East Cottingwith - All welcome!

9.45 onwards – walking to Sutton from Hagg Bridge. 10-10.15 break at Smallwood’s, then Join us! to walk through village

10.40 coffee at Village Hall

11.10 walk to Elvington via riverbank – Join us! - and then to school for lunch

1.00pm – visit Hop Studio, 1.30 Raker Lakes, 2.00 Wheldrake village hall (Join us!)

2.40 – Wheldrake & Thorganby school, then meet children and families as they leave school

4.00 Youth group at Cottage

4.30 walk by public footpath to Thorganby – Join us!

5.30 – prayers at St Helen’s, Thorganby - All welcome!

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