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Community Public Access Defibrillators (CPADs) in the villages.

There are 3 CPADs in Elvington village, one at the village hall, one outside the front door to the medical centre and a further one in Elvington Industrial Estate at York Warehousing and Distribution. In Sutton upon Derwent at the village hall, there is another CPAD.

In an emergency you have to dial 999 and ask for an ambulance. If the emergency is life threatening and a CPAD is required (and there is not a Community First Responder on duty) the ambulance service will give you the Unlock Code for the CPAD yellow box on the wall that is within 600 metres of your location.

The Unlock Code will open the cabinet to let you take the CPAD out of the box and take to the patient. They are easy to use and all you do is follow the voice prompts once you turn the unit on. The Ambulance Service will stay on the phone to talk you through what you have to do until a Community First Responder (CFR) or the Ambulance Service Paramedics arrive.

If the CPAD is used the paramedics may take it with them.  If it is not used, PLEASE RETURN IT TO THE CABINET WHERE YOU GOT IT FROM AND CLOSE THE DOOR SO IT LOCKS.

A drop in session is planned for residents to attend and ask any questions they may have about the CPAD’s and to watch a demonstration of how they work, Or give it a go yourself to see how straight forward they are to use.

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