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Do you suffer from a slow internet connection in Elvington?

If you are on Cabinet 3 (Elvington North) you may well suffer from permanently slow internet.  Sadly, the earliest that the cabinet will be upgraded is March 2018.

However, from the start of this year, a government initiative offers grants for all those whose internet connections do not qualify as ‘Basic Broadband’.


  1. If your line will not support more than 2mbps/s and
  2. You do not receive a mobile 4G signal

then you may be eligible for a grant.

The grant is calculated such that the cost of every household for ‘Basic Broadband’ should not exceed £400 in the first year. Thus the grant (worth around £350) will cover the set-up costs for satellite or microwave/wireless based internet.

Satellite coverage is pretty much universal while the alternatives (e.g. are faster and cheaper but may reach some houses but not others.

If you think you might qualify then try:


A resident in the area applied for and received a grant within 4 days and now has a satellite connection that runs between 5-15mbps/s rather than the previous BT connection of between 0.5-1.5mbps/s.

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