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 Flood defence scheme stats are in

Residents will be aware that the village is protected by a scheme that, at times when the village beck is backed up by the high level of the River Derwent, pumps the beck into the Derwent to alleviate any flooding.

The Environment Agency has provided the operational figures for the Pumping Station in 2015:

  • The pumps were operational on 45 days in 2015 - 39 of which were in November and December

If the River Derwent is at a height of 6.3 metres (or higher), water would cover Main Street and is the threshold for potential closure of the road and a threat of flooding to several properties.

  • The River Derwent was over 6.3 metres on only 5 days in 2015 - all of which were at the end of December.

All of which means that residents should be reassured by the level of protection that the Scheme gave in 2015 - and will do in coming years.

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