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The big community switch

From City of York Council:

To help residents in York get a better deal on their energy bills, we are supporting the Big Community Switch. The next big switch will open for registrations in May 2016.

The aim of the scheme is to make it easy and simple for you to consider switching energy providers. We're working with iChoosr and use 'collective purchasing power' to secure better deals for everyone.

Watch our YouTube video for more information on the scheme:

How the big community switch works

  1. We hold big switches throughout the year. Our next big switch will open for registrations in May 2016. Anyone who pays a household energy bill can pre-register for free today, including pre payment meter customers and those without gas.

  2. Our switching partner iChoosr will hold 'auction days' and invite energy companies to offer their best prices for the people that register onto the scheme.

  3. The cheapest tariff wins! Anyone registered will receive an email with details of the new tariff secured by the scheme. It will tell you how much money you could potentially save.

  4. You decide to accept the offer or not. There is no obligation to accept and no fees or charges. If you choose not to take up the offer, you can always register again in future schemes.

Previous big community switch savings

The scheme, which started in December 2013, has so far seen 744 residents join to save on average £169 on their bills. 

We can't guarantee you will save money, it depends on your energy use and the price you currently pay for your energy - you may already be on the best value tariff for you.

Benefits for businesses and community groups

Small to medium sized enterprises, businesses and community groups can benefit from free, independant, expert advice on better deals for their gas and electricity, call tel: 0800 1884909.

How the big community switch gets a good deal

Energy suppliers compete to make the best offer for your custom in an auction. They determine their bid based on the number of participants. So the more people we have registered the more likely we are to secure better tariffs. The supplier with the best tariffs wins the auction. The more people that sign up, the greater our purchasing power will be!

Full details of how the scheme works, who is eligible and full terms and conditions and how we will protect you and your data can be found via the iChoosr registration pages.*

Other help with energy bills

It's important to check what winter energy bill support you are entitled to, see details of the Winter Fuel Payment, Cold Weather Payment and the Warm Home Discount and get more information about our campaign called Save Money by Saving Energy.

* Please note that Partners iChoosr receive commission from winning energy companies and this enables them to offer this scheme to you for free. We also receives a small commission from iChoosr and will use this to further support the 'Save Money by Saving Energy' campaign which aims to help alleviate fuel poverty in the City.

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