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Flood defences earn their keep!

Many residents will remember how often, and how badly, the village used to flood. One of the worst periods was in 2000 when the village was cut off for 19 consecutive days.  

Thankfully, a flood defence scheme has massively reduced the risk of a repeat - but how many of the village's more recent residents realise how fortunate we are to have the flood defences, and how bad the problem was?! You can read more about the flood defence scheme here.

The parish council receives an annual summary of how many days the pumping station was in action and how many days the levels were so high that water would be across the road in the centre of the village.

In 2019, the pumping station was set to use 79 times, and there are a massive 37 days when the water level would be so critical that Main Street would be flooded. This was made up of three separate periods, the longest being a whopping 27 days! If anybody has other images they'd like to share, get in touch!



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